Honeycomb changelog
Honeycomb changelog

Service Map is Now Available




Today we launch Service Map in Honeycomb! Generated from existing trace data, Service map is a visual representation of how traffic flows through your system in any given environment and displays known services and service dependencies.

With Service Map you can:

  • See what and how often services communicate with one another
  • Identify services with slow response times
  • Filter to see how requests traverse your services
  • View sample traces for specific request flows

These capabilities make it easier for you to onboard new engineers, validate instrumentation and troubleshoot problems. Read more about Service Map here.

While Service Map is only available for Enterprise customers on the Environments data model. Free and Pro customers using Environments will have access to the map through the end of the year as part of the launch promotion.

Click the Service Map icon in the navigation to view your map! You can also join #discuss-service-map in our Pollinators Community Slack to share your maps with peers or ask questions!

Service_Map_Isolate (1).gif