Honeycomb changelog
Honeycomb changelog

Secure Tenancy Release 1.6.1

A new version of Secure Tenancy is available.

This release includes:

  • Ability to get derived columns by alias and delete derived columns (Derived Column API - BETA)
  • A correction to the masked output of column names inside of derived column expressions upon creation
  • Golang updated to version 1.15.8
  • Datasets API - BETA
  • Introduction of tracing support in Secure Tenancy metrics: Proxy metrics now use traces for easier performance analysis and debugging
  • A clearer error message and status code when decoding malformed JSON bodies

If you are a Secure Tenancy customer, to access the new version of Secure Tenancy:

  1. Log into Honeycomb
  2. Go to Team Settings and click on the Secure Tenancy tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page - the new releases are listed there

Please contact support@honeycomb.io if you have any questions.