Honeycomb changelog
Honeycomb changelog

Metrics and SLOs Available for Pro Plans




Effective today, all Honeycomb Pro customers have access to two new capabilities, previously exclusive to Honeycomb Enterprise: Metrics and Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

Honeycomb Metrics

Honeycomb Metrics brings essential system metrics alongside application observability data to provide a comprehensive view of your application and all of its underlying dependencies for faster debugging and incident resolution.

Send your metrics data to Honeycomb via OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, or AWS Cloudwatch, and query it just like any other dataset. Metrics are well suited to giving a picture of the general health of a host or resource. Honeycomb can consume and display metrics in addition to tracing and telemetry data.

Service Level Objectives (Limit 2)

Honeycomb SLOs make it possible to trigger alerts on issues that matter most to the business and quickly debug them. They also help you answer important questions like, “How much monthly downtime is tolerable? What performance impact is acceptable before users are negatively impacted? Should we focus on new features or tech debt?”

Define, measure, validate, and adjust engineering priorities collaboratively across your org with SLOs. SLO error budgets give teams the leeway they need to prioritize or de-prioritize production issues.

Upcoming Pricing Change

Effective Tuesday, April 26th, the price of Honeycomb Pro plans will be increasing. However, this change will not go into effect for existing Pro customers for an additional year, until April 2023, including new Pro accounts created before April 26th. We will be reaching out to customers directly with further details.