Honeycomb OpenTracing Proxy v2.1.0

We've published a new release of the Honeycomb OpenTracing Proxy. Version 2.1.0 includes:

  • Support for the Zipkin V2 format
  • A fix for an issue with binary annotations

Previously released version 2.0.0 includes:

  • A fix to ensure trace IDs are always positive.

BubbleUp now availble while running Usage Mode

You are now able to use BubbleUp in Usage Mode (Unweighted Mode) while exploring how your sample rates are behaving.

Understanding your historical retention :)

Now in your Dataset Settings >> Overview tab, you'll find a graph of historical retention (that is, how far back you were able to query on that dataset on any given day). Being able to visualize how big of a time window of data was available to you; which is also key for understanding the impact of sampling on a dataset.


From Bubbleup to Traces

If you're looking at a BubbleUp, and see a traceid field, you can now just leap directly from the BubbleUp directly to the Trace.


Introducing the Event Latency History chart!

This graph displays a historical view of the difference between the timestamp on each event and when it reached Honeycomb, signifying the amount of delay in your pipeline.

Visit your dataset settings and overview tab to view.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.48.57 PM.png

This information can be helpful when trying to assess when your data will be present for querying in Honeycomb. Coming soon, we'll expose this information when creating triggers as well, so that you can make sure your trigger's query is capturing all your events.

Keep on zooming!

How detailed do your queries go? The query builder now lets you zoom into subsecond resolution. Just grab a region, magnify, hit "run query", and repeat!


Highlighted derived column expressions!

We now syntax highlight derived column expressions everywhere in the UI.

image (10).png

Ooooo, pretty! :)

Configure your Honeycomb Home & Tracing schema in one place!

We’ve combined the Home page and the Tracing schema setup page into one mega Definitions page with progress bars that show you how you’re doing on your setup.


Simply navigate to your Dataset Settings page to access :)

Happy Friday!

Sparklines for Grouped Heatmaps

The results table for heatmaps has been empty for too long. We've added a sparkline to give you a rough sense of the distribution for that particular group.


Notice that the sparkline is a histogram slice across the group: the left side corresponds to the low values from the heatmap, while the right side corresponds to the high values.

Thanks to Sophie Alpert, of Humu, for the suggestion!

Newly created derived columns will now automatically populate in your sidebar's schema details!

Another improvement to derived columns! If you create a derived column in the Query Builder, it now immediately shows up in the details tab within the right sidebar:

Screen Recording 2019-08-12 at 12.47 PM.gif