Async Traces just got a little better

Sometimes, a trace can have missing or async spans - which means the parent will be shorter than its children. Now, parent nodes have a visual cue to show how far out their children reach, making it easier to collapse and scroll them.


Schema edits for all

Distributed systems make for distributed knowledge — and we know team Owners may not be the experts on every field in a dataset. That’s why we’re making schema editing features open to all team members. You’ll still need Owner permissions to change dataset quotas or JSON unfurl settings, but Members will now be able to show or hide columns, add aliases, set column maximum lengths, and edit field types.

Trace filtering is now available!

Trace filtering is now available! Take it for a whirl in order to search the full text of a span tree. Check it out on your favorite baffling trace!


Tracing: Edit and run queries from span details!

The Tracing sidebar now has query menus for each field, so you can run queries from span details!

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 3.21.42 PM.png

SSO Improvements

We now support Okta as an Identity Provider. If you're using Okta, head to the setup guide here to get things hooked up.

As a team owner, you can also now turn off SSO.

New and improved time picker

We're excited to release some long-awaited changes to our time picker, featuring:

  • A more forgiving and predictable custom date/time parser (for both relative and absolute ranges!)
  • Granularity controls in the top-level time picker
  • Shorter quick-pick time ranges
  • Inline cues for how far back in time you can query, and how much data is in your Fast Query Window.


Jump Back and Forth in Time

Have you ever wondered what your system was doing in the same time period, but back a couple hours? We've added buttons to let you jump backwards and forwards in time.

Select your time frame, for example: "Last 30 minutes", then click back to jump back that amount of time in your data.


BubbleUp and Traces Work Better Together

We've just updated BubbleUp so that it knows better how to handle columns without values. The donut charts at top right help see how many values in a column are defined. (They replace the old no value message.)


Learn more at the blog post and the docs.

New Ways to Navigate Traces

We have added a new menu on the trace inspector that allows you to collapse and expand ALL spans that:

  • Are at the same depth as the selected span.
  • Have the same ServiceName and Name as the selected span.

This will allow you to more quickly get an overview of a trace, as well as find spans that you think are interesting inside of a trace.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.40.54 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.41.02 PM.png

Query History Search

You can now use the new search functionality to recall the queries you constructed in the past, see how your teammates solve problems, or replay the debugging steps of an incident.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.47.43 AM.png

Take a look at today’s blog post and the associated docs to learn more :)

Happy searching!

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