OpenTelemetry Ingest

Honeycomb's Events API now supports the OpenTelemetry Line Protocol (OTLP) over gRPC! This means that services using OpenTelemetry can send tracing data directly without the use of Honeycomb-specific exporters. Reference Honeycomb's docs and our blog post for more information on how to configure your OpenTelemetry Collector to use this new option.

Simpler nested IFs

Some derived columns can get complex, with lots of nested clauses. Now, you can use multi-argument IF clauses in your derived columns to express complex ideas.

// before you either had to nest or use COALESCE()
    LTE($durationMs, 20), "FAST",
    IF(LTE($durationMs, 100), "MEH",
        IF(GT($durationMs, 100), "SLOOOW")
// can now be expressed as:
    LTE($durationMs, 20), "FAST",
    LTE($durationMs, 100), "MEH",
    GT($durationMs, 100), "SLOOOW"

Learn more about using Derived Columns and the IF clause

Boards: Wide View Now Available

You can now set your board so that each board query takes up the entire width of the screen. This makes it easier to show wide tables on one screen (no scrolling required).


Secure Tenancy Release 1.4.0

A new version of Secure Tenancy is available.

This release includes:

If you are a Secure Tenancy customer, to access the new version of Secure Tenancy:

  1. Log into Honeycomb
  2. Go to Team Settings and click on the Secure Tenancy tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page - the new releases are listed there

Please contact if you have any questions.

In and Not-In Added to Query Builder

We’ve updated the Query Builder to support the operators in and not-in. By adding in to your query’s WHERE clause you can filter for results within a set of values. The syntax for in and not-in does not require quotes, and values should be separated by commas. They have also been added to the query specification. image.png

Tables: now available in Boards

You can now see query summary tables in your visual Boards! Use the new settings toggle to configure display settings.

demo of switching table and graph board styles

API Keys: Option to redact for team members

We've added a new permission on API keys called "Visible to members." This might not sound like a big change, but if you uncheck this permission, the API key will be visible only to team owners. Members will see this key as (REDACTED). The default for API keys is visible to all team members.


You can access this feature on your Team Settings page.

Note: This feature is not available for teams using Secure Tenancy

Slack Integration: now in private channels

We've updated our Slack App integration to make use of their new authentication methods. This will allow our Honeycomb Slack App to be invited to private channels, instead of being tied to a specific user!

Your Slack integration will continue to work the way it is. To enable this new functionality, revoke the token on the Integrations page in your Team Settings, and then click the Add To Slack button.



Better insight into your fields

Find relevant fields faster while you query, now with recently seen values, searching on descriptions, and a shortcut menu to refine your query with a click. Try it out in the query builder sidebar's Details tab.

query builder schema sidebar demo

SLOs: reset your error budget

Have you ever blown through your entire error budget in an incident, worked to fix the underlying issue, and then wished you could easily reset your SLO's Error Budget so you and your Burn Alerts can have a fresh start?

Users of our Service Level Objective (SLO) feature (included with Enterprise plans) can now do just that. To reset your SLO's Error Budget, click the new "Reset" button on the SLO page.


Learn more in our docs.